BankApply interviews Mr. Edgards Gribusts from Bilderlings

  • Feb. 2nd 2020
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BankApply interviews Mr. Edgards Gribusts from Bilderlings

In this post we’re going to do an interview with a representative of Bilderlings - Bilderlings is a Fintech from UK, and one that we see with a bright future ahead. We’re going to talk to Mr. Edgards Gribusts, the business development manager at Bilderlings.

Your position and how long you've been at Bilderlings?

I am Business development manager in Bilderlings Pay for 6 months now.   

Tell us about Bilderlings - when it was founded, what’s the origin story of the company, and where are you licensed?

In 2015, we decided to develop a smart fintech ecosystem for businesses and individuals to make their banking experience more enjoyable and hassle free.

We started out as an online payment service company. Today, we offer current accounts, payment processing, payment cards and other popular banking services  to thousands of companies and individuals.

Incorporated in the United Kingdom, Bilderlings Pay Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and a PCI DSS compliant provider. Bilderlings Pay Ltd is a SEPA scheme participant and SWIFT member, providing payments worldwide.

What’s the value proposition you’re bringing to the market and what type of clients are you looking to attract?

Bilderlings helps businesses to open an account in one day, to customize individual financial solutions, and to automate the processes using API. Bilderlings customers range from large companies to cutting-edge startups. Bilderlings uses advanced digital banking technology for quick payments and flexible payment solutions. The company maintains the services of traditional banks and clients receive maximum attention from their private banker.

Why do you think so many FinTechs and online banks have popped up in the last 5 years in Europe?

There are a few reasons why FinTechs have become so popular over the past few years. First of all it is convenient. Registration, completion of the questionnaire and document submission are carried out remotely. Secondly - speed. There is far less bureaucracy, all processes are faster than in banks, including transactions. And the third moment is innovativeness. While most banks try to be stable,  FinTechs strive to find unconventional solutions, to offer new business models and develop new systems for their customer purposes.

What are some of the next big milestones for Bilderlings that users can expect? 

  • Bilderlings Mobile App
  • Sepa Instant — instant money transfer from account to account in the EEA countries, 24/7
  • SWIFT GPI — is an innovative international payment system for fast and reliable payments. More than 500 banks worldwide, 150 currencies, 1300 country corridors.
  •  Mastercard Send — a global payment network that allows you to make instant payments in real time to anywhere in the world
Do you have an account at Bilderlings yourself as well? :)

 Yes, of course.

Do you think the strict EU AML regulations will get any easier in the future?

This is a concept that has been bruited in EU financial and regulatory circles for some time. A few months ago, during a debate in the European Parliament, an opinion was expressed that stricter coordination of AML policy between the member states is needed, and this would be furthered by adoption of a regulation. Based on this, we think that EU AML regulations will not get any easier in the near future.

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