Banking In Europe For Venezuelan Citizens

  • Aug. 18th 2020
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Banking In Europe For Venezuelan Citizens

Venezuela has been through a lot.

Difficult economic times, hyperinflation, capital controls.

Many people have fled the country. Those, who haven't, are looking for the way out.

To help Venezuelans out who want to be part of a more stable financial system, we've identified 5 FinTechs or online banks in Europe that accept Venezuela citizens & residents.

The onboarding process is fully online, and you need to provide passport copy and proof of address.

With this kind of online bank account, you can transact in EUR, USD, GBP, CAD, and other popular currencies.

Banking For Venezuelans In Europe

This type of online account in Europe enables you to collect your salary in more stable currencies. Though USD hasn't been performing well lately, it's not comparable to hyperinflation. 

For example, if you provide freelance services on or Fiverr (or any other freelance site), you could collect your salary to this online bank account. With that account, you can onboard with any crypto exchange to buy cryptos, etc. 

Apart from collecting payments, you can also make payments in different currencies across the globe.

Or, you can just keep your funds safe. Away from the local regulator. That is a big plus. 

How To Open Your Bank Account In Europe?

The onboarding process is fully online. You fill in the online application and wait for the reply. If you can provide the requested documents, the process itself shouldn't take any more than one to two days. 

Names of the banking providers?

We kindly ask you to onboard and become a user of BankApply in order for our Matching Engine to provide you with the banking options. This is how our system works, and we'd love to have you as part of our platform. 

If an online bank account in Europe would benefit you, click here to register and use the Matching Engine!

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