Barclays: Still an International Best Despite Brexit

  • Mar. 26th 2020
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Barclays: Still an International Best Despite Brexit

Officially founded in the UK in 1896, Barclays' storied beginning dates back to two London goldsmith bankers trading as early as 1690. Its eagle logo, which remains today, was originally instituted as many Londoners were illiterate at the time, making it paramount for a symbol to mark the location of the ever important town bank.

Barclays has always been a leader in the banking industry, funding the world's first industrial steam railway, introducing both the world's first ATM and online account, as well as naming the UK's first female branch manager. With over 48 million customers worldwide, operating in more than 50 countries, Barclays remains poised to stay a global banking leader with a main post-Brexit hub in Dublin and has already moved £160 billion of assets there, making it Ireland's biggest bank.  Geographically strategic subsidiary offices include Frankfurt  and Paris.   

The company operates through two divisions: Barclays UK and Barclays International. 

Barclays UK 
  • U.K. retail banking operations
  • U.K. consumer credit card business
  • U.K. wealth management business
  • Small Business Corporate banking 
Barclays International 
  • Corporate banking franchise
  • Investment banking
  • U.S. and international cards business
  • International wealth management

Offering plenty of funding options to manage cash flow or fund growth, as well as boasting an accredited International Team that can help you trade abroad, Barclays enjoys specific notoriety around its flexible currency account.  Available in over 20 currencies and requiring no minimum balance, Barclays' currency accounts  are designed to simplify international payments while reducing exposure to exchange-rate fluctuations as well as administrative and foreign-exchange costs. Euro, US and Canadian dollar transactions are settled on the same day and other currencies in just 2 working days.

Barclays International has everything you need to take your business and portfolio worldwide, plus services designed to keep your banking quick and easy.  Bank Apply can seamlessly manage the entire Barclays account opening process for you from data collection to application submission.  Please contact us  for more information and free registration.

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