BBVA: Digital Global Banking Guru

  • Mar. 17th 2020
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BBVA: Digital Global Banking Guru

BBVA is an international financial services group rooted in 160 years of history with a focus on future-facing universal banking products. Their story reads like a family tree, beginning with the founding of two banks in northern Spain's city of Bilbao - Banco de Bilbao in 1857 and Banco de Vizcaya in 1901. Throughout the 20th century, both individually expanded while financing several important infrastructure projects that developed the Spanish industry. In 1988 they married to create BBV. Then in 1999 BBV united with Argentaria, a single brand comprised of a clan of state-owned institutions, and BBVA was born.

Today BBVA is one of the world's largest financial entities with 66 million customers across 53 countries and leadership positions in Spain, South America and states along the U.S. Sunbelt. It is the largest financial institution in Mexico as well as the top shareholder in Turkey's Garanti BBVA. 

With a mission to bring the age of opportunities to its customers, BBVA is committed to offering online financial products that offer a uniform personalized experience, regardless of the customer's geography. By harnessing a data-driven strategy, similar to that of Google and Facebook, BBVA has created a scalable homogeneous design and user-friendliness, predicated upon 5 best practices:

  • Design focused on user experience
  • Corporate guiding principles of "Transparency, Clarity and Responsibility" 
  • Use of Behavioral Economics (psychology and sociology) to support customers in financial decision making
  • Standardization of ethical data collection
  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that allow for global scale and localized adaptability

BBVA already has a solid footing for their universal strategy thanks to the launch of these 4 tools, all poised for global rollout:

  • Global mobile banking platform: This enables the unification of design, features and customer experience in all mobile banking solutions across locations.
  • BBVA Invest: Their personalized financial advisory tool uses the same features and data-based facilities for customers around the world.
  • Financial aggregator: This application links to products that customers have in other banks, providing a comprehensive financial overview and the ability to manage those outside accounts.
  • Invisible payments: Payments can be facilitated using a facial recognition system, reducing wait times for settlement.

BBVA's cutting-edge technology, carefully cultivated within a responsible banking model, has harvested global financial products to take your business into the digital age. BankApply can manage your entire BBVA account opening process, from data collection to application submission. Register Your free account today.

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