Deutsche Bank - the German giant

  • Mar. 2nd 2020
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Deutsche Bank - the German giant

If you are looking to open a bank account in Europe that has prestige and expertise, then there aren't much bigger or better-known banks than Deutsche Bank.

History of Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank was founded in 1870 when the Prussian government granted the bank a license. From its very inception, Deutsche Bank was focused on global banking, aiming to quote "transact banking business of all kinds, in particular, to promote and facilitate trade relations between Germany, other European countries and overseas markets." In recent years, Deutsche Bank has had its fair share of scandals and problems, including getting huge fines from the US government.


The larger organization known as Deutsche Bank is broken down into four main units. These include their Corporate Banking division in which they handle all corporate and commercial clients, known as Global Transaction Banking, or GTB, which has a presence in over 60 countries globally. The investment banking arm is involved in advising, fixed income, and currencies. The private bank division focuses on personal bank accounts and wealth management. Asset management is in charge of asset management globally and investing in growing business sectors globally. 

Global Reach

As mentioned prior, Deutsche Bank is invested in emerging markets all around the world, specifically in Asia Pacific, Central, and Eastern Europe, as well as Latin America just to name a few. If you are interested in diversifying your investments or just want a reliable personal account with various economic involvements, Deutsche Bank is a great choice for you. It's not, however, always easy to open an account with them, especially as a non-resident and if you're not able to travel to a concrete branch fo the Deutsche bank. Either way, as they are a major player in the banking market, we think it's good to have an overview of Deutsche bank on our platform as well. 

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