Getting started with BankApply

1. How does it work?

Matching Engine analyses the information you give us during the registration and matches your profile with suitable banks and fintechs in Europe. For optimal results, it’s important that you provide us correct data about yourself and your needs at all times. After Matching Engine matches your profile you can see the list of banks/fintechs with all the relevant data, and you can use our ApplyNow Portal to apply to the chosen banks/fintechs.

2. Do you guarantee account opening?

No, unfortunately, it’s impossible. BankApply does not guarantee bank account opening because we are not the decision makers. We’ve spent many hours interviewing banks and creating a database which allows us to match the client profile with suitable banking options. By doing this we create the best chances for our clients for successful account opening. Approaching the right banks and submitting as many applications as possible is the key in today’s banking landscape.

3. What is the ApplyNow Portal?

ApplyNow Portal is BankApply’s feature which collects all your data and submits applications to the banks/fintechs of your choice. You don’t have to fill-in numerous applications with different banks/fintechs, and waste hours of your time.

4. What kind of liability BankApply assumes for the opened accounts?

While doing our best to filter out the best bank account opening options in the market, we are not able to assume any liabilities for the relationship our Clients will have with the banks after the accounts are opened.

5. How does BankApply benefit me if you can’t guarantee account opening?

The core idea of BankApply is to save time and effort for the clients. You don’t need to research for suitable banks and go through the tedious account opening applications numerous times, spending hours in due process.

6. Why should I trust you?

BankApply is created by Comistar Estonia. Comistar Estonia has been helping foreign entrepreneurs to start a business in Estonia since 2013. Being a licensed service provider by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit, an official member of the Estonian e-residency marketplace, Comistar has helped many companies to open accounts in different banks throughout the years. Comistar currently has offices in four countries: Estonia, Finland, Switzerland and the US (Los Angeles).

7. Which payment methods do you accept?

You can pay using VISA and Mastercard credit cards or Bitcoin.

8. Why is BankApply better than different fiduciary services who provide account opening services as part of the service portfolio?

BankApply is a dedicated account opening service powered by a powerful matching engine. You’ll get a higher success rate with a fraction of the fees.

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