Picking out a new bank is a lot like dating

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Tinder for banking

BankApply Matching Engine unlocks 21 banking options in Europe for your crypto company in less than a minute.


ApplyNow Portal

Once you unlock the banking options you can use our ApplyNow Portal to submit your applications to all the banks and fintechs you select.

Matching Engine

BankApply uses an unique BankApply Matching Engine to match your profile with suitable banks and fintechs (“online banks”). Our team spent six months contacting and interviewing banks and fintechs in Europe to understand their client policies and on-boarding processes. By analyzing the data in our system and by comparing it to your information and needs, the Matching Engine matches your profile with suitable banking institutions, and simplifies the account opening processes.

BankApply’s Matching Engine is the only software of its kind.


Six months of dedicated research..

Thanks to our prior experience and understanding of the complexities of the banking market, we realised we need to build a solution to help businesses and people with opening bank accounts in Europe. In the last six months we have been connecting with banks, building relationships, and mapping out their client policies through numerous interviews and calls. The data we have collected is the reason why BankApply Matching Engine is a powerful tool in finding suitable banking options for our clients.

Pay Less For Better Results

Using BankApply Matching Engine and ApplyNow Portal is efficient and cost-effective.

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Bank account opening services provided by consultants are usually charged in thousands of euros, especially when we talk about high-risk industries like cryptocurrency businesses. With BankApply, you only need to pay a small one-time fee to unlock all the crypto-friendly banks, and use our ApplyNow Portal to submit your applications.

99% Success Rate

Our early customers have had 99% success-rate at finding suitable banking partners through BankApply matching engine. We’re constantly adding to our database to keep up the high success-rate with growing customer base and needs.

Wide selection of banking providers

Register today to unlock all of your banking options.

BankApply has banks and Fintechs who support gambling companies, crypto industry, Estonian e-residency companies, American companies and citizens, offshore companies, non-resident managed European companies, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Malaysian, South-Korean, Thai, Russian, Ukrainian personal accounts, and a lot more. We are not able to help clients who operate in a defence industry, adult industry, drug trafficking or do any other illegal activities, or help clients who are from blacklisted countries.


7 years

of experience and market know-how

Although BankApply is a startup, our team has 7 years of experience helping entrepreneurs to start businesses and open bank accounts in Estonia and Europe. Comistar (e-resident.me), the mother company of BankApply, is an official partner of the Estonian e-residency program, licensed by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit, and has helped many clients with banking issues in different industries.

The Process Of BankApply

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Still not convinced?

BankApply Matching Engine comes with a lifetime access.

Your banking options will always be updated when we add new banks and fintechs to our system. No extra cost will occur when we increase our prices for future clients, nor will you have to pay any continuous subscription fees. Let us do the research and work for you while you can enjoy the best rates and secure banking services at all times.